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Xanax 75 Mg - Xanax Farmacia Online

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 4:18 am    Post subject: Xanax 75 Mg - Xanax Farmacia Online Reply with quote

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Still looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Hello Slosippa, I know what you mean when you say a tolerence is developed very quickly with Xanax. I noticed it immediately even though I am an occasional user. Good job on being on top of your dependance. All the best. Silentcry. Further Information. Hello again Silentcry. True, and I racking my brains (whats left of them) jab at humor, seriously though, I've some older books, that go back a few years. One of them covers addiction. The various therioes (excuse my typos but my spelling is becoming worse as off late) behind addiction. I remember one doctor years ago telling me there is no such thing as an addictive personality. Got into the defintion of personality, that your life style and so on was your addiction. Which is far from the truth. The basis etc. I'm going to do some home work, and if I come up with an answer, as to why the need for you to have to increase your dose in between such a length of time. My dose increased on a daily basis because I used them in such a manner Hopefully I'll find something to answer you with. Goodbye and the best to you. »How addictive is XANAX? Thank you Pledge Smile The reason I am so taken back is because as Id stated, I take one so far in between¦like one pill every few months, and each time it seems I need a stronger dosage¦not good! ! Thank you for your input Skins1970. I appreciate it very much! I use Xanax only on as needed basis like once every few months. I am not on any daily medication, trying to manage my anxiety the best I can. it's an ongoing challenge.. Good luck to you and take care. i suffer from G.A.D. and take xanax everyday and have so for the past 15 years. i was started at 0.5mgs 3 x a day and over the years my prescribed dosage has gone all the way up to 2mgs 3-4 times daily.i devolped a tolerance QUICK! when i thought enough was enough i started breaking a segment of the 2mg pills. thats how i got my tolerance down to a decent level IMO. 2mgs 2 x a day. but yes,the tolerance on this drug builds up fast! Hello Silentcry, everything Pledge wrote is true to a t. I take benzos valium and serepax together everyday have done for years and wish i hadnt because its one more thing im addicted to and will have to withdraw from. Please dont abuse your prescription, it will only bring you harm. If u need to take something maybe try going from xanax to valium as it is lower in the benzo family but still a really good medication. Good luck. Skins1970. Responses (3) Hello Silentcry. Well, in answer to your question, the drug family that Xanax comkes from is the benzodiazepine family. The various meds that come from this family of drugs are extremely habit forming. There are two categories, short acting ones and long acting ones. Xanax belongs under the short acting family. It will, as you know, after taking one, you'll feel it working within say an hour. Before you know know it, say within 8 hours or so. Bit less, bit more, your body is asking for more. And your body very very quickly will develop a tolerance to it, meaning the xanax. So, your dose is increased. And so it goes. I, years ago, was on xanax. I ended up in detox, because of it. My dose ended up being just over 9 to 10 mg a day. Be carefull, because although, it seems to and yes actually does do the job, it can quickly spin out of control. Very best of wishes to you.take care Silentcry. and have a good weekend. I am an occasional user of Xanax (once every 3 months or less), taking 1.25 mg before a presentation at work, or prior to a meeting, or during highly stressful situations when I know if I dont take it my hands and body will tremble like a leaf. However, as occasional as the usage is for me, I am finding that I have already developed a tolerance to it. When 0.50 mg would do wonders before, now 1.50 mg is hardly doing the job. How can this be? Search for questions.

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